Program & presentations

8:30-9 :00

Welcome of participants and registration

9 :00-15

Introduction - Download the main presentation

·     Opening (Ph. Dupont, Onema)

·     Policy context : the Blue Print (L. Latala, EU Commission)

·     Objectives and expected output of the workshop (JD Rinaudo, Brgm)

9 :15-10:30

Session 1 : Water trading: current practices, issues and options

·     What do we mean by water markets? Presentation of the diversity of existing situations (J. Calatrava, University Cartagena, Spain) - Download the presentation

·     An historical perspective on the development of water markets in Spain (A. Garrido, University of Madrid, Spain)- Download the presentation

·     Water markets in stressed basins. Segura river basin experience, Spain (M. A. Ródenas, Presidente Confederación Hidrógrafica del Segura) - Download the presentation

·     The case for water allocation reform in England and Wales (Ian Barker, Environment Agency of England and Wales) - Download the presentation

Discussion: Are water markets compatible with EU institutional set-up ?
Chair: A. Garrido


Coffee break



Session 2: Economic gains from water trading:

·     Why water trading theoretically improves welfare, and under which conditions.
Javier Calatrava (Polytechnic University of Cartagena)
- Download the presentation

·     Water markets in EU agriculture: results from ex-ante economic evaluation. Davide Viaggi (University of Bologna)- Download the presentation

·     Water markets for urban water management
JD Rinaudo (Brgm, France)
- Download the presentation

·     Drivers of value in water markets
R. Smale (VIVID Economics, UK)
- Download the presentation

Discussion –Costs and benefits - It is worth developing WM? Chair: E. Interwies (Germany)


Lunch break


Session 3: Social acceptability and barriers to trade

·     Social acceptability of water markets: analytical framework and conclusion of existing studies (F. Kervarec, ACTeon)- Download the presentation

·     The perception of water markets by European farmers: results of surveys and focus groups in Spain (J. Berbel, Cordoba University) - Download the presentation

·     Barriers to trade: results from scenario workshops in France (C. Hérivaux, Brgm) - Download the presentation

Discussion: which institutional set-up for developing water markets in various EU contexts?
Chair: European Environment Agency (name to be confirmed)



Session 4: Positioning water markets in the economic tool box

·     A critical perspective on water markets: market versus common pool resource (O. Petit, University of Artois, France)- Download the presentation

·     Markets and alternative instruments for groundwater management: lessons learnt from stakeholder workshops in France (M. Montginoul, Irstea, France)- Download the presentation

·     Final statement of the Water Cap & Trade project (JD Rinaudo, Brgm)- Download the presentation


Discussion: Why and in which context should WM be considered as a useful instrument for Europe?

Chair: X. Leflaive, OECD


Policy recommendations

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